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Thank you, we are so impressed. It’s Saturday and we ran out of oil, and within 1 hour you were here. We are very pleased with your service and thank you very much!
Carrol J.

Fleet Diesel Fueling Fleet Diesel Fueling American Fuels - Heating Oil, Furnace and Air Conditioning Service and Installation

On-Road Diesel Fuel Program

American Fuels is now offering on-road diesel fuel for purchase at strategic locations throughout Pennsylvania. Through our partnership with The H&K Group, American Fuels will be installing diesel fueling stations on-site at stone quarries and other high-traffic hauling areas throughout the region. A fleet fueling account will be required for purchases; you can download an application here.


Haulers contracted by The H&K Group (and its affiliated companies) will receive the added benefit of having their fuel invoices automatically deducted from any balance they are owed. This program lessens the out-of-pocket expenses independent haulers incur prior to any job's completion and payment. American Fuels' new diesel program will also provide convenient on-location fueling, minimizing downtime and eliminating the need to alter routes for refueling, as well as highly-competitive low prices.

The diesel rate will be based on the current market price and published daily below. For all purchases, a daily invoice will be mailed out to account holders detailing any transactions that occurred.

Today's Diesel Fuel Price:
Haines & Kibblehouse, Inc. Call for pricing
PTR Douglassville Quarry

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Blooming Glen Quarry

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Easton BlockCall for pricing

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: American Fuels, LLC will secure in advance that all locations are adequately filled in order to supply all of our customers. For this consideration, you agree to purchase any fuel that is pumped by your drivers from American Fuels, LLC tanks at the various locations at the price indicated at the time of fueling. In agreeing to fuel at the various American Fuels, LLC location you agree that any balance that is due on the 15th and 30th of each month will be deducted from any outstanding balance that is owed to you by The H&K Group and its affiliates.

NOTE: If a division of The H&K Group does not owe anything to your company payments terms are Net 10. Returned check fee is $75. A service charge of 1.5% will be incurred on any outstanding account balances not paid within 10 days.

On-Site Fleet Fueling


Our fleet of vehicles allows us to offer on-site fueling of both on-road and off-road diesel fuels directly into equipment in the construction and transportation industries. This service allows our customer to have fueling performed on their property or construction site without the need of costly tanks and dispensing equipment, saving time and money. Our prompt services are available on a will-call or scheduled basis, allowing you to determine exactly when you will need delivery to keep your job running smoothly.

Call today to talk with a fleet fueling expert about your needs or contact us.


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