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Signature Furnace Tune-Up

Want just a cleaning, with no contracts? Try our Signature Furnace Tune-Up for only $225.00!

The American Fuels Service “Signature Furnace Tune-Up” is now only $225.00*!

Need to keep your home heating system operating at its peak efficiency, but don’t want to sign up for a service contract? The Signature Furnace Tune-Up is just what you need! All of the top quality workmanship that American Fuels Service has to offer, scheduled at your convenience, with none of the hassle.

Includes up to 2 hours of inspection and the following standard replacement parts:

  • Nozzle (Under 2.50 GPH)
  • Pump Strainer (if applicable)
  • Replacement filter cartridge**

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  1. Full inspection of burner components
  2. Check ignition transformer
  3. Fuel pump pressure
  4. Check fuel line and fittings
  5. Check fill and vent pipe/gauge (above ground)
  6. Electrodes/Porcelains/Settings
  7. Cad Cell
  8. End Cone
  9. Air tube (blast tube)
  10. Air shutter/air band
  11. Burner motor/burner wheel
  12. Burner coupling
  13. Replace filter/pump strainer/nozzle
  14. Vacuum heat exchanger/chimney pipe/base
  15. Combustion test to check efficiency


No hidden fees or service contracts to sign. Enjoy comfort and heating efficiency year to year!

The American Fuels Service “Signature Furnace Tune-Up”: We’re proud to put our name on it.


*Additional parts and labor will be charged at standard rates.
**Does not include “Smart” type filter replacements.

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